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Find all 70 Volvo XC70’s around the world


A worldwide digital launch for the new Volvo XC70, a 4wd car with Volvo’s heritage of safety and the excitement of all-terrain exploration – and the first campaign under the brand new theme “Life is better lived together”.

To showcase the all-terrain capabilities of the XC70, seventy XC70’s were placed on the most rugged, beautiful and remote areas of the world. The challenge is to find all locations using Yahoo Maps, which is integrated into the campaign site. The first locations are not that hard to find, but it gets more difficult very quickly. There is a clue for each location to help with the search.

Art Direction, Design

- 2008 Web Awards Outstanding Website
2008 Silver World Medal at New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Awards
2008 Gold Medal at the Awards Festival in Montreux
2007 Mobius Award winner
Client./ Volvo cars (International)
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam

Status./ Offline


For the introduction, we created a mash-up with footage from the TV commercial and our own 3D model. We then filmed five (very cooperative!) work colleagues to create the silhouettes holding the four first clues to where the cars are hidden.



The car was an interactive 3D render where the World map with 70 clues had been wrapped. By moving the car around in 360 degrees, you could select a clue number. This would ‘zoom into the map’ and show an image and some text as a clue to the car’s location. It was the visitor’s task to find the exact location of the car.


The combination of Yahoo! maps and flash proved very powerful and flexible, combining real satellite images with our own car (and people) 3D models.

Image below: Searching for car #5 …


Image below: The car is found, and the little people walk out! (see, to the right of the car?)


The website also contained detailed information about the car, shown in image galleries and technical videos.


It was quite a complex project in technique, with very rewarding results.

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