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Beck’s Air Jam: Tour de Force (ARG)


Beck’s needed to reach its consumers throughout all different media touch points. Individual actions (iPhone apps, social networks, gaming consoles) would have been insufficient on their own. Beck’s needed a different strategy.

We offered a massive Alternative Reality Game (ARG) to bring a truly multi-platform adventure to wired players. An ARG is a highly PR-worthy and engaging format, where numerous actions can take place. Futhermore, it provides a framework and a story for all initiatives within the campaign.

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Beck’s (InBev International)
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D

Status./ Awaiting

The Players

This game is directed to educated, internet-savvy young people (25 to 35) from cities all over the world who might enjoy drinking Beck’s. The beer brand has claimed the territory of music through some of its festivals, so the choice was to mix music, videogames and the coolest city locations around the globe to host the game.


Phase I – The Press release

A press release announces the launch of Air Jam, a state-of-the-art music video game. Air Jam is a tour de force for succeeding in the music industry, launched by a game studio founded by Alex, a sudden dot-com millionaire, on his yacht Sonora. To fund the development of Air Jam, Beck’s steps in as a sponsor.

Phase II – Sonora

The Air Jam website features sample downloads of the game and the Sonora crew members through their Facebook and MySpace profiles. Subscribers can become beta-tester for the iPhone and other leading-edge platforms of Air Jam, and subscribe to the Sonora launch party in Singapore.


Phase III – Launch

The launch party is webcast on Sonora’s website and broadcasted on YouTube, where every member of the crew is present and featured on the video. This leaves the Sonora unattended, and when the crew drives back to the harbour the yacht has disappeared.

After some consideration, Alex asks subscribers for your help to find his yacht. Clues to its whereabouts are in the YouTube footage, and the game starts.


Phase IV – The Game

The ship is found washed ashore in the Philippines and raided by the locals. You can help out in several global searches led by a member of the crew. Each crew member appeals to a different demographic of the target group.
The games span tech forums, online marketplaces, photo sharing apps, social networks, p2p-networks, etc.
Everybody can join the ARG at any time (modular) and through wit, resourcefulness and collaboration, all items are eventually restored.


Phase V – End

Once all items have been recovered, it turns out that Air Jam was in fact the ARG.
By playing the game people have acquired skills that will help them become successful in the music industry, thereby delivering the claim made at the press release. The players will be rewarded when the game finishes, and a big celebration is held.

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