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Peugeot 3008 Test Tracks


The launch of the new Peugeot 3008 had to showcase its crossover capabilities on diverse road surfaces. The TV commercial had the 3008 driving through a circular track while playing soft music – just like the needle on a turntable.

The website became a record sleeve which the users could open and explore to play the different tracks. We filmed Aurelie behind the wheel of the 3008 explaining the most interesting features of the car. Each explanation became a music track in the Test Tracks 3008 website, which behaved very much like a vinyl turntable.

Working with a French client, liaising with BETC Paris, EHS London (Website programming) and 4D Prague (Rich media) made this project particularly complex. With a large dose of international diplomacy and teamwork we were able to see this project through, and achieve a result we are proud of.

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Peugeot International
Agency./ Euro RSCG

Status./ Online April 2009

The Website

The TV commercial introduces the website. Then, the visitor can interact with the record sleeve and access the track listing, with an introduction from Aurelie.


By selecting a track, the visitor is taken ‘into’ the vinyl player. A videoclip of Aurelie and an exclusive soundtrack is played. Below: Instead of subtitles, we created a dialogue transcript with links to more technical information. The reader can go back through the text and explore the extra layers of information in all language versions of the website.


The video can be minimized and only the music heard, as the 3008 drives through realistic roads tracks shaped like a vinyl record. Once a track is finished, the car drives to the next track and continues playing – just like a record player.


The BONUS track contains the music of the TV commercial and a remix of the complete website soundtrack for downlading. (selected countries only, due to licensing)


To support the launch of the website we also created traditional and rich media banners, emailings, a Direct Marketing piece and a screensaver.



The fun we had

We had the opportunity to work with the very talented musicians at MOST to compose and produce the sountracks of the website, and with film director Julius Rooymans (Deem productions) for the car shoot.

Here are some snapshots of the filming at the Leystat car test tracks.

Below: Getting the cars and equipment ready, using special cameras to get inside the cockpit. Bottom right: Julius and I, discussing a particular shoot sequence.


: Liaising with the French client. Right: Julius and the actress going over the script.


Taking photographs to use in the banners, and shooting the mud sequence.


: After two long days, we finally shot the interior sequence. Daylight was gone and the final beauty shots of the car interior were lit-up indoors. Niels (who wrote the script) and I discuss the final scene.


Finally we have all the material we need. Time to leave the tracks and head to the post-production house, where all the magic will happen.


The footage was great – and the music fit perfectly. We managed to stretch a very limited budget and fit the shooting of five tracks, two introductions and a few car previews (for the rich media) in only two days – with the client on set, to give approval to the footage and the correct French pronunciation of the dialogues.

You can see the final result here.

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