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Unilever: Max Adventures

Unilever’s Paddlepop Lion TV series (called ‘Max Adventures’ in Europe) had been implemented successfully in Asian markets. How could we launch the adventures of Max in Europe and make a positive impact on the kids?

The Max TV series would kick-off with a kung-fu adventure. While boys like to play-fight, girls prefer to dance. So why not get the kids to learn the moves with a song and dance? We proposed the Max the Lion Dance.

We created a high-energy song and put it on YouTube with a playful, high-fructose dance routine. The music video was a hit! The kids loved it, selected markets made dance-off competitions and visited the website created by Euro London with our dancing concept.

The website turned into an online game in which the kids could win a printable PDF of the screens they successfully completed. These PDFs could then be cut out and made into a diorama – to play with mum and dad, or between themselves. Smaller versions of the videogames were placed on children’s gaming sites.

Max Adventures (Italian version) @ YouTube
Max Adventures (English) @ YouTube

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Unilever international
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D (Amsterdam)
Status./ YouTube online, website offline

The Music Video

Music, choreography and final execution were achieved by testing with kids and liasing with professional dancers.

The Website

The purpose of the website was to become a printable, playable diorama, full of music and attractive to a young audience.

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