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Volvo DRIVe: Pure Hybrid Power

For the launch of the Volvo V60 DRIVe Hybrid at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Volvo wanted to convince a crowd of car enthusiasts that hybrid cars can be just as powerful as petrol cars.

So why not create an electric equivalent to a powerful, testosterone-filled ‘petrol head’ event and give them a experience to change their minds about the V60 Hybrid?

We proposed The Pure Hybrid Power show, a High-voltage Rock’n'roll gig with screaming guitars powered up by the Volvo V60 car battery.

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Volvo International
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D (Amsterdam)
Status./ Rejected by client

High-Voltage music

We found ArcAttack, a band using Tesla coils to play lightning-driven electric guitar. With proper art direction and sound infrastructure, we could set up a show to blow everybody’s perceptions of the Volvo Hybrid car.

Teaser campaign

With Arc Attack on board, a teaser video could be made to engage car enthusiasts showing the car specs close-up, but still not quite giving away the end result (the rock concert) until later. Some clues could be left on the video so that the online community could speculate and eventually be informed of the upcoming show.

High-Voltage rock show

A campaign similar to every other rock show could be deployed: Merchandise, live streaming, reporting, a resulting video clip… and the Facebook fan page, so you could vote where the Pure Hybrid Power show could go next.

The show on the road

A music-show campaign has plenty of room to grow. Tours, music downloads, inviting famous musicians to play in hard-to-get places using the car’s electric power… the possibilities are there.

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