// 2011, Pitches

Durex: Sex Life Survival Guide

Durex wanted to launch a new line of lubricants and highlight their usage as something to be enjoyed rather than to fix a problem. If it’s so enjoyable that becomes a lifestyle choice, what would be the consequences of non-stop sex?

Broken furniture, finding spots to get down and dirty… what’s needed is a Sex Life Survival Guide

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Durex International
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D (Amsterdam)
Status./ Proposal

Sex Life Survival Guide

Using Durex lubricants can potentially turn your sex life into a lifestyle, causing havoc on your furniture – for overuse…

So Durex goes out to put together the ultimate Sex Life Survival Guide – by a Wiki online, aggregating tips from users on Facebook and Twitter…

Since a constant, heavy-pounding sex life can affect your living environment, a special show on a home-improvement program is a good fit.

In the end, a book can be put together and given away to chosen participants – The Sex Life Survival Guide. Funny, inspirational and a little naughty – without being explicit.

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