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Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum opened in November 2011 with high-quality exhibits, guest tattoo artists and bands. Even though it has a central location in Amsterdam (behind the Artis Zoo), it is not obvious from the street and it is mostly unknown. So how to make a splash and attract people to visit this amazing, undiscovered corner of the Amsterdam alternative scene?

The Tattoo Museum contains a varied (and impressive) selection of skin art and the world that surrounds it.

It also has a strong commitment to the social cause of the unemployed by giving people who have difficulty finding jobs a chance to work at the Museum, giving them experience and a fresh start in future employments.

So it was a great opportunity to offered creative consultancy to the Tattoo Museum covering their advertising strategy and possible actions in both small and large scale.

“I went to the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum and all I got was this lousy tattoo”

This whimsical line has applications that span from poster campaigns in Amsterdam summer to merchandise and street-actions with spray-on tattoos.

A range of models and situations would show edgy, controversial moments in which someone who should know better got a tattoo – and then into the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum for free. It easily extends to Pinterest and Facebook campaigns prior to the summer period in Amsterdam.

The Tattoo Donor programme

Tattoo Art is an art where the canvas is often only as durable as the wearer. What if they could be preserved for posterity, and exhibited at the Museum?

With this premise, you could sign up for a ‘Tattoo donor card’ so that your tattoo (or your friend’s, if you give them a Donor Kit as a present) could be cut and sent to the Museum once you no longer need it. The Tattoo Museum’ director, Henk “Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher is a well-known tattoo celebrity, having inked members from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam and Nirvana frontman Kurt Kobain amongst others. Their pledge could be a boost to the programme, and the idea of preserving skin for posterity as part of an art exhibition would touch a few nerves.

Those who want to, could also upload pictures of their own tattoos and share them, get voted, and become part of a temporary exhibition at the Museum as well as receiving donor cards.

The possibilities of this idea translate well to digital, to actions in the street and TV.

These are just two examples – there are many more, accounting for a broad and strong advertising strategy to make the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum known to the world.

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