// 2011, Pitches

Scholl – New campaign

Scholl foot care needed to be cool and move up from being a problem-fixer of embarassing ailments to becoming a feet-beauty companion. So how to empower people and change their perception?

We proposed a number of options: Taking everyday mums and turning them into Samba experts (Step up to Rio), creating Barefeet pride (Dare to Bare) and offering an exclusive feet rescue service for the rich and famous. (Scholl to the rescue).

Concept development & Art direction

Client./ Scholl International
Agency./ Euro RSCG 4D (Amsterdam)
Status./ Proposal

Step up to Rio

Giving mums their groove back by sending them to a float in Rio. This concept extends to Facebook (voting), Twitter (following), TV (documentary / TVC) and print.

Dare to bare

Be proud of your bare feet by participating in National Barefoot Day, or watching the stars walk barefeet down the red carpet – or turning up barefeet to claim great discounts at shops that carry Scholl.

Scholl to the Rescue

The rich and famous will think it’s chic, imagine their surprise when it’s made available to everyone.

Foot feature film academy

One of the most under-appreciated features of an actor is the feet. They always get cut out! – So what if we reenacted famous scenes from movies… using only the feet? When Harry met Sally, what were their feet doing? This is your chance to become a star by being cast in these movies, allowing the expression of your feet to shine.

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