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Consulting @ Merge Media

Merge Media is a small communications studio achieving big things in social media, social causes, content platforms and engaging initiatives for their clients. Throughout 2012 I have had the pleasure of working with them on a freelance basis on different projects.

I have developed strong concepts in advertising campaigns, branding and strategy towards making mortgages interesting, cultural funds worth talking about and retirement funds exciting and engaging. The open communication and collaboration with Patrick van der Vliet (CD at Merge Media) has made this process a fun and exciting one.

Creative partner Niels Arnbak and I were also invited to define the mission statement and branding strategy of Merge Media.
Looking at their work ethos and choice of clients, we concluded that they believe in making the world a better place through their work, always choosing a path that will take their clients and their audiences on a positive, socially-responsible journey as they interact with the Facebook applications, digital platforms and content developed for them.

While keeping a strong grip on the highest quality of technical development, Merge Media believes in making work that is positive and makes a difference on their audiences.

“Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet: Merge Media, karma developers”

(From Dutch: “Do good, and good things will come to you”)

“It is an old saying, but today more true than ever. In social media brands no longer have the last word, people do.

Brands that want to grow in social media will need to give their audience good and valuable experiences. Only then the brand will receive something back: attention, likes, shares, word of mouth, recommendations and sales. A good reputation.

If a brand does this enough times, it will develop a good karma. And karma is invaluable.

Merge Media has years of experience in the development of karma. It brings together two disciplines: the creation of relevant content and the development of results-oriented interaction. Content to sow and to harvest interaction.

The proof can be seen in our cases. Our vision can be found in the twelve laws of karma Development. And we are always up for a good conversation about karma in our office.”

Indeed, words I can live by.

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