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Mysteryland: Gemeentepils

Drinkable, free tap water is never available at Dutch music festivals, even in the sweltering heat of sun and dancing bodies in summer. ID&T’s largest festival Mysteryland decided to change this and offer free drinkable tap water for the first time, despite possible revenue losses and opposition from sponsoring brands. Focused on doing the right thing, ID&T pushed ahead – and wanted everyone at the festival to know about it.

So how to create awareness about the tap-water initiative amongst festival goers?

We decided to use the same language as the most common drink in a festival – and created a new brand of ‘beer’: ‘Gemeentepils’. Roughly translated, ‘Council beer’ (Dutch slang for ‘tap water’). The logo was printed on refillable water bottles and dispensed from tap at selected stands, just like beer. Games, ‘vending’ guys and girls with water dispensers, coasters, etc. were provided under the Gemeentepils umbrella.

The initiative was planned together with LifeBuild, an organisation that provides water in places with no existing infrastructure, such as choice areas in Cameroon. The Gemeentepils idea was first tested at Welcome To The Future festival with great success. Then it was rolled out at the 60,000 attendee festival Mysteryland. The initiative was welcome, visible and widely spoken about. Considered a success, plans to implement it in future festivals is being considered.

Client./ ID&T
Agency./ Freelance
Status./ Launched August 2012

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