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Magneet Festival: Eco Raid

My friend Arthur de Smidt believes in guerilla gardening, the subversive act of planting in public environments without asking for official permits. He wanted to spread the message at Magneet Festival, an alternative music and arts festival. But how to convince the visitors to abandon their leisurely beer-drinking, dancing and chatting in favour of getting their hands dirty planting trees?

What if the Tree Police raided the festival, issuing fines and hard labour to those who had not planted a tree yet?

Wearing bright vests with ‘Tree Police’ written on them, whistles in hand and carrying trees, the Tree Police quickly rounded up visitors with their cheeky approach. The presence of Police at a festival never goes unnoticed, and they quickly got attention and interest from would-be guerrilla gardeners.

The ‘Eco Raid’ was a success, with volunteers from all ages having a great time planting trees at the festival. With little time to prepare and no budget, this simple action got the attention it needed and the enthusiasm from the participants. An example of branding, engagement and conversion – in an real activist context.

All images (c) Arthur de Smidt.
For more pictures of the event, check out Arthur’s website.

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