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Halbe Bier

Halbe is a Dutch beer brewed since 2012 which started as an art project initiated by Teun Castelein and Henriette Waal. It makes a social commentary on the budget cuts to the Arts by Halbe Zuijster. The main premise of the beer is that earnings will go back into the Arts, as a self-sufficient art project.

All processes surrounding the production of the beer are made ​​by artists: the glass is designed by Dadara , Jurgen Bey and Bas Kosters . Thanks to the National Glass Museum in Leerdam, the production of the glass was made ​​possible. The first and second fermentation are made ​​by Henriette Waal of the Outer Brewery. A ‘mobile brewery’ is also part of the project.

It is a very interesting project to which I am providing some business and marketing direction, as well as defining a branding strategy and individual advertising actions and PR. The aim is to propel Halbe into becoming a well-known Dutch beer brand in years to come.

Some existing Halbe assets:

Halbe glass designed by Dadara

Mobile Halbe bar by Marc Bijl

Studio DeJongeKalff created 150 beautiful glasses by recycling and re-branding existing glasses.

The launch of the new Halbe bottle was highlighted by the presence of Mr Halbe Zuijster, the Dutch Minister of Culture responsible for the slashing of 200,000,000 euros from the Arts in the Netherlands. Exchanghibition Bank founder, artist and bank director Dadara gave Mr Halbe a very meaningful farewell present: a check and a pile of money for the value of 200,000,000 of art currency.

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