// 2012

TBWA/KPN: New Year’s App

TBWA needed an app designed for New Year’s: the ‘WishApp’ (WensApp). Available in the Netherlands, this Facebook/smart phone app allowed users to create a video with a New Year’s message more


Halbe Bier

Halbe is a Dutch beer brewed since 2012 which started as an art project initiated by Teun Castelein and Henriette Waal. It makes a social commentary on the budget cuts more


Burning Mill at Magneet Festival

I have wanted to return to the Burning Man festival (Nevada, US) since 2001 – so this year I decided instead to bring the Burning Man spirit to the Netherlands. more


Magneet Festival: Eco Raid

My friend Arthur de Smidt believes in guerilla gardening, the subversive act of planting in public environments without asking for official permits. He wanted to spread the message at Magneet more


Mysteryland: Gemeentepils

Drinkable, free tap water is never available at Dutch music festivals, even in the sweltering heat of sun and dancing bodies in summer. ID&T’s largest festival Mysteryland decided to change more


Consulting @ Merge Media

Merge Media is a small communications studio achieving big things in social media, social causes, content platforms and engaging initiatives for their clients. Throughout 2012 I have had the pleasure more


Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum opened in November 2011 with high-quality exhibits, guest tattoo artists and bands. Even though it has a central location in Amsterdam (behind the Artis Zoo), it more