Personal work

Burning Mill at Magneet Festival

I have wanted to return to the Burning Man festival (Nevada, US) since 2001 – so this year I decided instead to bring the Burning Man spirit to the Netherlands. more


We are the Infaders.

The Infaders are a motley crew of lunatics (myself included) with a portable sound system on four backpacks and a wireless DJ that create pop-up raves and parties anytime, anywhere. more


VJing: Live video, remixed

I have been mixing live visuals since ‘97, since I figured that any public performance could benefit from the moving image as a mood enhancer or as indispensable part of more


I love music.

I love sound, and spend considerable amounts of time listening to music. So it seemed only natural to share the good tunes I found online, on mixes or live.

My taste more


E-book: The Unwired

What will the near-future bring, just beyond the Singularity? How will our society work when all information is controlled by very few, governments have become massive mega-corporations and life’s worth more


Stomping Stars

I have two daughters who love drawing. Their linework and creativity was so candid, it had to be preserved and shared somehow.
So I scanned and traced their drawings, trying more