Marco A. Morales


Business consultancy – Digital transformation strategy – Innovation frameworks and architecture – CX/UX – Design Thinking. I work at TCS PACE Amsterdam as Digital Transformation consultant. 

Helped space-industry start-ups on Earth Observation and Satellite design, mentored in Space-themed hackathons and are actively involved in initiatives relating to human-centered space exploration.

Award-winning Advertising and Marketing campaigns and strategies for local and global clients. I founded and run my own agency in Melbourne, Australia.


Why NFT’s?

NFT Opensea collection virtual exhibition here. My very first sci-fi inspired digital artwork exhibition was recently published as a collection of NFT’s on the Opensea platform, using Polygon crypto. As I share it... Read More

A halfway house on Vandaugh’s Moon

Traditionally i do concept art, and I have been avoiding 3D because i prefer to focus on the art direction, the concept, even the architectural plans, to give a 3D artist enough room to translate my vision into a real tangible model.  I... Read More

New spatial ergonomics

Using the free-floating human body as the starting point for spacecraft ergonomics is the most stark example of human-centric design, where the environment challenges our traditional thinking. I love this because it applies to the... Read More

Imaginable, by Jane McGonical

“Imaginable” by Jane McGonigal, PhD, Institute for the Future – Amazing to see this book coming to life, and to know I was involved back in 2008 in Superstruct, the future-envisioning game Jane and the Institute... Read More

Defining wealth on a metaverse of abundance

What if instead of building wealth upon scarcity, we built it upon abundance? If we do, what will the new markers of wealth be? Currently wealth is defined by the control of limited resources. A few end up controlling the resources and... Read More

Next Top Meta-Model at the Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland

I run this campaign as an experiment to learn more about how things click together across the different metaverse platforms. From concept to design it’s a long way, specially when adjusting to the limitations of each platform. Below,... Read More

Metaverse, here we come.

The metaverse is a Web3.0, spatial (and often 3D) game-engine-driven collection of virtual environments with expanded currency that reminds me very much of the early days of the Internet. It’s experimental, mostly empty and buggy,... Read More

InfinitiOne: Launch, landing and beer yeast.

What a ride! Six months in the making, we finally launched our Infiniti One plywood Cubesat on Saturday at 13:00, starting a chase for the High Altitude Balloon that carried it 326.86 km from The Hague to Luxembourg, shooting through the... Read More

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