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Defining wealth on a metaverse of abundance

What if instead of building wealth upon scarcity, we built it upon abundance?

If we do, what will the new markers of wealth be?

Currently wealth is defined by the control of limited resources. A few end up controlling the resources and creating scarcity because it benefits them – at the detriment of others.

But let’s change the narrative and start from the assumption that there should be enough for everyone. That if we all have the potential of abundant creation and connection from ourselves towards the rest of the universe, then abundance should be the natural state of things.  

Then wealth is defined by how much you create and by the impact you have in the world around you, rather than by how much of it you can control.

Remember the Neverending Story? The magical land of Fantastica was the ever-growing, ever-evolving result of the imagination of its own inhabitants. Their enemy was The Nothing, the very definition of scarcity.

We have seen what scarcity can do to the world. Let’s change the narrative, and change the mindset – no matter if you live in the metaverse … or in our regular, flawed universe. Let’s aim for abundance.

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