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Henk and the COVID Vaccine Tattoo Band-aids

I met Dutch tattoo artist celebrity Hank Schiffmacher (aka Hanky Panky) in 2012, when Joost van Praag Sigaar and I were freelancing as advertising creatives, and pitched him a few creative campaign ideas for the Tattoo Museum.

It was an exciting opportunity. Hank is considered an expert within the field of body decoration, having curated exhibitions, written books, and presented television shows on the subject. He has tattooed members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam, as well as Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Motörhead’s Lemmy. So when we had the opportunity to develop some concepts for a summer campaign for the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, we went all out.

It’s been nearly ten years since that meeting, and it’s awesome to see he’s still doing great work, and being as relevant as ever, this time as designer of the coolest band-aid for those who got their Pfizer vaccine in Amsterdam! Funny how things from the past pop-up where you least expect them.

The pitch, down memory lane, here. Now I have four band-aids designed by the King of Tattoo!

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