Marco A. Morales


InfinitiOne: Launch, landing and beer yeast.

What a ride! Six months in the making, we finally launched our Infiniti One plywood Cubesat on Saturday at 13:00, starting a chase for the High Altitude Balloon that carried it 326.86 km from The Hague to Luxembourg, shooting through the... Read More

Strat-sat progress: camera rig

“Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”, so the saying goes. Same applies to our Mission, and we set out to design and build the carrier box to protect the cubesat, and the rig that will hold the camera that will record and... Read More

Start-ups and Accessibility to Space at the World AI Summit

I was invited by Spacefluencers to join them in a round table at the World AI Summit Amsterdam 2021 to talk about my experience in getting a start-up off the ground and achieving results with minimal infrastructure. I spoke about rapid... Read More

Design Thinking and Smallsat constellation business opportunities

“What is a Smallsat constellation, and what can we do with it?” Combining my love for Space and my expertise in business transformation was an opportunity I could not pass, so when Spaceway approached me to answer this... Read More



Business consultancy – Digital transformation strategy – Innovation frameworks and architecture – CX/UX – Design Thinking 
I work at TCS PACE Amsterdam as Digital Transformation consultant. 

Space Exploration

Helped space-industry start-ups on Earth Observation and Satellite design, mentored in Space-themed hackathons and are actively involved in initiatives relating to human-centered space exploration.

Branding, Marketing and Comms.

Award-winning Advertising and Marketing campaigns and strategies for local and global clients. I run my own agency for four years in Melbourne, Australia.
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