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Innovation, transformation, product strategy, activation.

I love new ideas.

These days it’s the metaverse, VR/AR and immersive reality.

It’s also AI, IoT and space-tech applied to supply chain management.

Sometimes it’s about back-office innovation to improve efficiency in the B2E2C chain. Sometimes it’s about good old B2C to increase sales and acquisitions, and lower costs.

It’s always about making life better for people, and raising the bottom line for the business. That’s user-centered design.

Innovation thrives in a framework that brings enough control to be manageable and enough room to experiment. Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and Iterative design all bring something to the table.

I have more than two decades of experience as digital product strategist, with proven experience in leading multidisciplinary teams through the definition of market segmentation, feature identification, product vision and strategy and MVP release.

While I welcome challenges from all industries, I am particularly interested in Aerospace, Built Architecture and Health Science.

My approach is collaborative, bringing Business, Technology and User experience together, to deliver tangible solutions at high speed. I have experience with start-ups, SMEs and multinational organizations. I bring my background expertise in Service Design and Design Thinking methodologies.

I have twenty years of experience working across all verticals (incl. Retail, Finance, Bio / Pharma, Health, Agriculture, B2B / B2C / B2E), helping pan-European and global organisations with their digital transformation and innovation programs. I have worked for Volvo, ING, Tele-2, Heineken, ANZ, Nissan, Medibank and more.

I am an experienced host of design-thinking workshops and design sprints for innovation, iterative improvement and concept-to-code agile tracks for global clients.

Innovation & Digital Transformation Consultant & Strategist at PACE Amsterdam, TCS
Video presentation

Design thinking facilitator
What is design thinking?

Service design and direction at the best agencies in the world: Y&R, TBWA, BBDO, Havas Worldwide and more.

User centered design since 1996 for Speedwell Media (+300 websites) and later for Legal Aid Queensland.

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