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The metaverse and Web3

A blue ocean we've seen before

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The metaverse is currently built onto four pillars: “Spatial Computing, Game Engines, Virtual Environments and Virtual Economies.” It is an exciting movement that is gaining momentum, and I am interested in exploring it, finding how it can make people’s lives better, and build a sustainable business model around those opportunities. I saw the boom of the internet (I was a part of it!) in the mid-90’s, and I saw the hype of Second Life (circa 2008-9), and the current metaverse hype is very familiar.

My current focus is around:

  • Space-ready modular housing (tiny prefab housing meets Space) 
  • Microsatellite and space-tech collaborative development in immersive environments
  • metaverse solutions applied to the Tourism industry
  • DAO frameworks for Space startups focused on tech design and manufacture 
  • Advanced data visualizations for multi-user monitoring (security, networks, utilities)
  • Onboarding or training programs for large-scale or unsafe situations (warehouse operations, emergency & rescue, etc)
  • … and many more.
I am active in metaverse communities and are in talks with architects, designers, programmers, thinkers and philosophers, and those shaping the metaverse and not afraid of running experiments and pilots to identify how the metaverse solves real life challenges for individuals and for industry. 

To paraphrase John Carmack: “The best way to build the metaverse is NOT to set out to build the metaverse.” So let’s focus on what amazing things we can accomplish, and the metaverse will be built along the way.

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