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I am a keen enthusiast of helping humanity in its endeavours, to improve the condition of individuals and quality of life on Earth today, and to set the path to the stars for tomorrow. I believe we can expand our knowledge and curiosity to Space, and what we learn beyond our atmosphere can be applied to better manage climate change and its effects on our world today, and vice-versa.

I am open to projects that involve built and civil architectures and human life-support systems, and their applications both on Earth and in Space.


  • Mission InfinitiONE: Microsatellite design and manufacture – Launch of DIY Cubesat & High Altitude Balloon
  • Mission FOMSat: Preparation and assembly of launch-ready AMBASAT microsatellite – Expected launch on Q4 2022
  • Nausolaris: Space agency start-up with a focus on affordable access to space technology – 2021/22
  • Space Imagineers: Moderator of Discord server / Smallsat community – Since 2020
  • Smartlander: Start-up resulting from winning Copernicus Hackathon 2020 – BIC Accelerator 2021 (EO + AI + SDG11)


  • Moon Village Association (MVA) Mentor for 2021 Hackathon: Solar power, Transport systems and Education innovation and business case preparation.
  • World AI Summit 2021 Speaker: Start-ups and Space access for young and independent engineers and entrepeneurs
  • Instituto Pedro Nunes with SPACEWAY / INFANTE: Masterclass (Sept 2021) – “Finding business value in Smallsat Constellations”


  • NASA Space Apps 2020 | Satellite identification of HAB (Harmful Algae Bloom)
  • Winner of the Copernicus EO Hackathon, Leiden 2020 | Earth Observation applied to Sustainability Planning


Certificate of completion from Concurrent (Space) Engineering Summer School 2021
By Valispace and SPACEWAY (Portugal)


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