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Branding, Marketing & Communications

I have worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over two decades, and I founded and run the Little Big Epic Agency, an 8-people advertising and marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked for large international advertising agencies (BBDO, TBWA, Havas Worldwide, BBD) in Australia, Spain and The Netherlands defining and running digital, direct marketing and above the line marketing and advertising campaigns for small and large clients, to increase acquisition, product penetration and brand recall.

I specialize (and I am interested) in:

  • Brand definition and strategy
  • Branding and campaigns for immersive, experiential, exhibition and educational projects
  • Branding, campaigns and concepts for providers of new technologies

Some work samples:

Art Direction 2017

UX 2016

Creative Direction 2007 – 2013

Works 2007-2012

Pitches 2007 – 2012

Pitches pre-2007

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