Henk and the COVID Vaccine Tattoo Band-aids

I met Hank Schiffmacher in 2012, when Joost van Praag Sigaar and I were pitching him a few creative campaign ideas for the Tattoo Museum.
Nearly ten years later, it’s awesome to see he’s still doing great work, and funny how things from the past pop-up where you least expect them. This time, thanks to my middle kid getting her first Pfizer vaccine!

The pitch, down memory lane, here. Now I have four band-aids designed by the King of Tattoo, if I ever fall off my keyboard. 😀

Arduino: Processing, et tu?

I remember tinkering with Processing when it came out; and sometime around 2002-2007 I joined a workshop with world-renown Tomato Design Collective to create ‘reality scanners’, in which we turned webcams into ‘life scanners’, and eventually held an exhibition about it. (it was a while back, I can’t find pictures of it!)

Anyways, turns out Arduino uses Processing as its language, and it’s the language in which the electronics of the Cubesat is being programmed by team-mate Mikelis Putnieks. So perhaps, it’s the right time to pick it up again.

Arduino / Processing

3D Cubesat Structure designs

I have no patience, so when it was time to get my 2D designs into 3D, I was looking for something fast.

Many years ago I knew how to use Maya, and I had started learning Blender, Solidworks, CATIA and Fusion360… but today I just didn’t have the patience to start the learning curve for a fully-flung 3D software.

For now, TinkerCAD seemed the fastest way to upload my 2D SVG’s to create an approximate visual of the two structure designs I’m working on.

Check them out!

HAB Model (Plywood, stratospheric). On the right, with PCB and batteries.
ED Model (aluminium, space-grade). Shown with four rods and spacers.