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Imaginable, by Jane McGonical

“Imaginable” by Jane McGonigal, PhD, Institute for the Future – Amazing to see this book coming to life, and to know I was involved back in 2008 in Superstruct, the future-envisioning game Jane and the Institute For The Future designed in 2008 that had as a centerpiece a highly contagious respiratory pandemic. Sound familiar?

I was a high visibility player in Superstruct. For 6 weeks I and about 10,000 other players around the globe worked out all manner of ways we envisioned living through this situation. I won the Award for “Transreality Most Wanted” for The Museum of Impossible Things.
My work was recognized to encourage working on truly inspiring things. Looking back, everything I saw myself doing in 2008 is how I have acted for real. The Museum of Impossible Things, which I brought to life with Unc Inc, the Superstruct Alliance Network (which anyone who knows me will vouch, I’m always building alliances), even the ‘Quantum Connections Initiative’ in which I envisaged “a way to organized the unseen connections between humans at every level” – if that’s not a definition of the metaverse, I don’t know what is.

So yeah, read this book and do the exercises. Envisioning your responses to a changing world helps you realize how much hope and influence you really have in the coming times ahead. So interesting to see that the dreams I had in ’08 are still the dreams I have – and have acted upon – today. 🙂

More about the book: https://lnkd.in/g-baKC4q

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